World Vegan Month

Itโ€™s no secret that plant-based lifestyles are gaining some serious momentum at the moment. Need an excuse to give it a try? November is World Vegan Month and could be just the push you needed! At Shakti Shanti we love anything that encourages living as consciously as we can.

Here are some ways you can get yourself and your friends involved in some vegan goodness.....

Host a vegan tasting night for some friends

Veganism has moved on from just leaves and veggies. Hosting a vegan night for friends and putting on a spread of the best vegan treats is a great way to introduce them into the lifestyle. Thereโ€™s even some impressive mock meats and cheeses, meaning they wonโ€™t miss any of their usual favourites. There are loads of recipes and ideas for quick treats on the internet, check out The Vegan Societyโ€™s โ€˜starters, snacks and sidesโ€™ for some inspiration.

Make it a lifestyle

If youโ€™re giving plant-based eating a try, itโ€™s the perfect excuse to up your workout game too! Start the day with an acai bowl or your usual granola with a milk substitute, then head out for a run or do some restorative yoga in your Shakti Shanti gear. 

Grow your knowledge 

World Vegan Month is the perfect time to learn more about the lifestyle. There are vegan tips and tricks everywhere this month to spur you on.  The Vegan Calculator will even tell you how many animals youโ€™ve saved in just one month (You can save as many as 30 animals, 33,000 Gallons of water and 600lbs of Co2, whatโ€™s not to love?)    

Credit ABC News

Eat Local

During Vegan Month, why not try showing support to your local greengrocers or farmers market when youโ€™re buying ingredients for your colourful veggie creations? A big part of Veganism is reducing your impact on the planet after all. 

Small steps 

If youโ€™re not vegan yet, November is the ideal time to start making small changes and adapting to the lifestyle. Even if you just test out Meat Free Monday, or start to replace one meal a day with a vegan alternative, these little steps help you to ease into becoming fully vegan. Thereโ€™s also lots of great alternatives which mean you donโ€™t have to sacrifice your favourite meals! 

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