Making our garments –meet our Cape Town team.

For 12 years now all our garments have been put together by our experienced team at B2B in our factory in Cape Town. The team has many years of experience and work closely with our in-house designers and fabric suppliers, to ensure every garment meets the standards we need to give you the best experience in use.

David leads the team who do all this, with each part of the handcrafted process being delivered by experienced local tradespeople.
Cindy runs the operation from start to finish keeping Shakti Shanti lined up with their production runs.
They have worked together in the clothing industry for 37 years!

Karl heads the design studio in the factory and is actually one of the internal Shakti Shanti team who is based full time in the factory. This allows him to work closely with the production teams to see how new ideas work in reality and continuously change and improve even small elements to improve wear-ability and quality.

Suleiman, who has worked with Cindy and David for 35 years heads up the cutting team. The team take the designs and patterns from Karl, along with the fabrics as they arrive, to cut out components unique to all sizes across all garments.

Garments then move on to the make-up team. Each garment will pass through several hands as it moves along the factory floor....

......before arriving at finishing & trimming, where any added features and finishes are added.

The final part of production, before packing and sending out, is our quality check process. Although we build quality into production from the start and into our fabrics, all garments will go through a final hands-on check in the factory before they are passed to go out to customers.

Nabu has been part of this team for 10 years and is one of a select few trusted to ensure garments meet our exacting standards.

We’re proud to work with David, Cindy and the B2B team, supporting local employment in Cape Town and continuing to improve the clothing we make for our customers worldwide.